a place that trigger inspiration


OXANNIE is the Playground in which we feel free to investigate, create, or simply discard new business ideas.

Some absolutely silly ideas, some great ideas, some unviable and other bright ideas. A territory without fear and without dogmas, where curiosity and fun prevails.

Seasoned professional in the fields of Marketing, the creation of entertainment content, artistic creation and technology. A heterogeneous group of different cultures, continents and languages.

A place of inspiration and solutions.

We are a discrete society where each one decides whom he tells he participate in OXANNIE. We are convinced that guarantees peace of mind for finding solutions and create.

Our members choose in which projects they want to participate and how much time they spend in them. Their business share will be based on that.

The results are projects that have their own identity, and are independent from each other.

OXANNIE membership is on invitation.

OXANNIE gets financing by receiving shares from projects.